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Materia Medica Keynotes 2

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This CD set covers:

Clinical keynotes from Blatta to Ipecac.

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Materia Medica Keynotes 2

Clinical keynotes are given for over 251 remedies from Abrotanum to Zinziber. Many polycrest and rare remedies are discussed with their practical clinical application emphasized.

This CD set covers:

Remedies: Blatta, Causticum, Ceanothus, Cedron, Chamomille, Chelidonium, Chenopodium, Chimaphila, China, China-ars, China-sulf, Cholesterinum, Cicuta, Cimicifuga, Cina, Cinnamonum, Clematis, Coca, Cocculus, Coccus cacti, Coffea, Colchicum, Collinsonia, Colocynthis, Comocladia, Conium, Corallium, Crataegus, Crocus, Crotalus, Croton-tig, Cundurango, Cuprum-met, Curare, Digitalis, Diphtherinum, Dolichos, Drosera, Dulcamara, Echinacea, Equisetum, Eupatorium, Euphrasia, Ferrum-met, Ferrum-phos, Fluoric acid, Gelsemium, Glonoine, Gnaphalium, Graphites, Grindelia, Gunpowder, Hamamelis, Hekla lava, Helleborus, Helonias, Hepar sulf, Hydrastis, Hyoscyamus, Hypericum, Heloderma, Ignatia, Iodum, Ipecac. Please note that order processing may take 7-10 days before shipping. Downloadable products are available immediately.

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