Learn homeopathy online with instant access to individual remote self-learning lecture courses.

The Lotus health Institute’s Clinical Homeopathy Certificate (C.Hom) course is a full 500+ hour course consisting of books and lectures by Dr. Robin Murphy, ND. The full certificate course is designed with the practitioner in mind. The individual lectures that make up the full clinical homeopathy course are available for anyone to take at any time whether they are enrolled in the full certificate course or not.

Areas of study

We have a wide range of lecture courses available on a variety of topics. We have lectures that give extensive training in types homeopathic of prescribing (acute, emergency, isopathic, tautopathic, etc.), in-depth case analysis, philosophy and practice, children's and women's care, materia medica, as well as in specific disorders. These seminars on homeopathy and natural health practices are designed for those who wish to learn these subjects in a profound, systematic, and creative manner.

Online self-learning

These online homeopathy courses are fully remote self-learning courses that can be taken from anywhere. Instant streaming access to these courses are made available by a free convenient mobile app.


Available homeopathy and natural health courses

To study any of the self-learning homeopathic courses listed below, click the title of any of the lectures for more information and to get access.

*Courses are available for streaming access via the app only; not via digital download.

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