This podcast is an excerpt from the Acute Prescribing lecture from Dr. Robin Murphy's Seminar Series and Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course.

Here Dr. Murphy talks about the background of Homeopathy in the United States and a brief history of how Samuel Hahnemann began Homeopathy.

Acute Prescribing
Acute Prescribing History and Principles of Homeopathy. Acute prescribing methods, case taking and case analysis, potency selection and repetition of dose. Various schools and levels of prescribing, comparing Hahnemannian prescribing versus Kentian. Signs of health, vitality, and vital force. How to use your home remedy kit for sore throats, ear infections, influenza, colds, coughs and fevers. Herpes, vaginitis, sinus infections, cystitis and the vaccination issue are reviewed. Gives easy to understand differentials for these acute topics.



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