“Coronavirus, Homeopathy and Pneumonia" taught by Robin Murphy, ND

Presented by the Japan Society of Homeopaths and the Lotus Health Institute on April 1, 2020.

This webinar was presented in English with Japanese interpretation.

新型コロナウイルスに関するホメオパシー的見解について、「Nature’s Materia Medica」と 「MetaRepertory」の著者でもあり、世界的な自然療法医でもある Dr. Robin Murphy N.D.が、日本の全てのホメオパスとホメオパシー利用者に向けて、インターネットを介した無料セミナーを行うこととなりました。


Seminar Topics (ウェビナートピック)
1. Coronavirus: Covid-19 Info and Updates
2. Clinical Homeopathy: Epidemic Prescribing
3. Homeopathic Repertory for Psychological Pandemics 4. Homeopathic Remedies for Fevers and Pneumonia
5. Homeopathic Repertory for Fevers and Pneumonia
6. Natural Remedies for Fevers and Pneumonia
7. Medical Qigong for the Respiratory & Immune Systems 8. Home Therapies for Fevers and Pneumonia

PDF Download (PDFダウンロード): http://www.bit.ly/LHI-Covid19JP (60mb)

Medical and historical information or statements made within this webinar are not intended to be a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any health or physical disease or condition. The content made available through this webinar is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or a health care professionals.
The information made available through this webinar is for historical and education purposes only. Medical history reveals that homeopathy has successfully treated: Colds, Influenza, Bronchitis and Pneumonia for over 200 years.


Japan Society of Homeopaths: https://homeopathy-jsoh.org


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